Conspicuous Accents: Accenti Magazine's Finest Stories of the First 10 Years

This collection, comprised of the work of 35 authors, gathers in book form the best short stories published in Accenti Magazine since 2003 – a must-have volume for anyone who loves to read short fiction!

Making Olives and Other Family Secrets – RIPASSO by Darlene Madott

Just as with a Ripasso wine, re-passing Valpolicella over the skins of Amarone grapes too delicious to discard, Madott's literary revisitation of the original Making Olives, amplified with five new "secrets," has created a second and more mature fermentation.

Giovanni's Journey by Osvaldo G. Zappa

In this memoir, reality, history and imaginative narrative alternate frequently. It recounts the life-story of a boy in war-torn Italy and, later, his life as an immigrant in Canada. The titleGiovanni's Journey is inspired by my middle name. My father named me Osvaldo, but my mother preferred Giovanni (Gianni), her father's first name. Thus, I honour my grandfather, Giovanni Amadio, and the memory of my mother, to whom this book is dedicated. OGZ

Penance is for the Weak by D. C. Iannuzzi

In this sequel to City of Sinners,D.C. Iannuzzi confirms his shameless devotion to the film noir genre, weaving a tale of corrosive greed, blind ambition and ruthless retribution.

Fast Forward and Other Stories by Delia De Santis

The stories by Delia De Santis, so simply written yet so intricate and complex with feelings, are like drawing a curtain to look in upon a scene filled with latent turbulence.

City of Sinners by D. C. Iannuzzi

In this highly charged novel, D.C. Iannuzzi takes readers on a wild ride, as authorities attempt to thwart a bomb threat instigated by an anonymous terrorist group dead-set against the Quebec government's repressive anti-English language laws.

Random Thoughts by Marisa de Franceschi

The short prose sketches in this collection express the often complicated feelings we have for sons, daughters, husbands, sisters, friends, and the world at large. The sketches are sometimes light hearted and whimsical, but they can also be poignant expressions of disappointment, disbelief, and distaste for what the writer has witnessed.

Almond Wine and Fertility by Licia Canton

The stories by Licia Canton are imbued with sensitivity and optimism, peopled by characters struggling to accept themselves as they attempt to negotiate between languages and cultures, between people and places, between the modern and the traditional.